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Top Notch Timber Frames are Maine timber framers having been building timber frame homes in Maine and New England since 1995. Timber frame homes and buildings have been around for centuries, in fact, there was a revival of sorts in the early 1970’s where framers decided to revisit the “old” style of timber framing with traditional timber frame joinery while adding new technologies and energy efficient practices.

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As a result, our team of Maine timber framers specializes on building a timber frame home that offers the functionality of timber framing with the benefits of modern tools, concepts, and super energy efficient framing methods.

When done correctly, building a timber frame home is a beautiful and energy efficient way to achieve a high-end custom home look. The benefit of timber frame homes in vs. traditional framing is that the weight of the entire home is supported by the frame, leaving the interior mostly open. A well crafted timber frame is an entirely self-supporting structure and needs no wall studs. Additionally, most homeowners building a timber frame home prefer to leave the beams and woodwork exposed on the inside, decreasing the amount of materials needed to complete construction.

One of the modern improvements on traditional timber frame homes is surrounding the timber structure in structural insulated panels, or SIPs. Top Notch’s team of Maine timber framers use Foard SIPs (structurally insulated panels) – engineered building systems that are made up of foam core insulation sandwiched between two pieces of oriented strand board (OSB).

There are two primary benefits of building a timber frame home this way:
1) Less complex building process with more efficient insulation then standard built home
2) Timbers are visible only from inside the building.

Our Maine timber framers know the primary benefits of building a timber frame home over traditional framing are:
• Can be quickly erected – an “average size” timber frame home can be framed in 2-3 days.
• Can use recycled or repurposed timber if requested.
• Offers structural benefits that last over many decades and even centuries.
• Large spaces between frames allows for greater flexibility or openness in the floor plan, making it easy to relocate doors or windows if necessary during construction or in the future.
• Well suited for modular construction and prefabrication.