SIP Panels

SIPS Panels Maine | Maine Timber Framing

Our Maine timber framing team often uses SIPs Panels (Structural Insulated Panel) in Maine to enclose our timber frames. The combination of the two together makes for an incredibly efficient home while providing a favorable aesthetic which leaves the timber frame open on the inside but enclosed from the exterior. But SIPs panels also make a great conventional home and require no “wall studs” to build a typical home.

Our team provides SIPs panel installation in Maine for a wide variety of custom single family home projects and commercial projects. Top Notch will help you order the panels pre-cut to expedite the process of SIPs panel installation or we can cut on site – and help to make sure they are customized to your specific plan. Top Notch will pre-cut and install the panels for you, cut and install SIPs panels in Maine and throughout New England (Yes, We Travel – From Maine to Connecticut) on site, or you may opt to have the pre-cut panels shipped to your job site.

Not all SIPs panel installers in Maine are created equal. We have spent thousands on special tools just to install structural insulated panels. We can also provide a crane or our very own boom truck to install the panels included in the install cost. No need to hire multiple companies to get your SIPs panels installed, we can take care of it all from design to ordering the panels, installation and crane or boom truck services.

Top Notch uses Foard SIPs Panels, which consist of foam core insulation encased by two pieces of OSB (oriented strand board) and offers the following products:

  • Dry Wall Clad
  • Split Skin
  • Structural Panel
  • Curtain Wall
  • Nailbase Panel
  • Tongue and Groove

The above types of SIPs Panels in Maine are available with one of two high-quality insulation options:

EPS (expanded polystyrene) R-3.5 per inch or XPS (extruded polystyrene) R-5 per inch. Contact our SIPs panel install in Maine team today to discuss the different types of SIPs panels in Maine and which is the best choice for you Maine timber framing or other project.